Mgr. Richard Sporina

Formal Education:

  • University of Comenius Bratislava, Faculty of Medicine, Physiotherapy
  • Slovak Medical University, FOaZOŠ, Physiotherapy / Management in Physiotherapy
  • Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, personal and fitness trainer

Certification & Courses / Certification:

  • AŠK Dukla Banská Bystrica, sports instructor, AŠD judo, 1stdan
  • Trainer of the 3rd Qualification Degree in Bodybuilding, Fitness and Power Triathlon, the Slovak Association of Bodybuilding, Fitness and Power Triathlon, IFBB, License B.
  • Conditional coach of the 2nd qualifying stage, Slovak Association of Contemporary Trainers
  • Pilates Medical, MUDr. Klenkova Monika, MUDr. Kazimir Julius
  • Pilates Instructor – Pilates Academy Sabongui in Prague, Physical and Sports Services Provider, Pilates Instrumentation, Level I + II, Level I-III and Ron Fletcher towelwork
  • Trainer III. Athletics / SAZ, IAAF, EAA /, gymnastics / FIG, UEG /, CESS, ISCA / aquafitness / FTVS UK /
  • Redcord Medical – SET Neurac, DNS Prague School, TRX – Suspension Training Course, SM System / Spiral Stabilization Training System /, MUDr. Smisek Richard
  • Kettlebells course level I, Yoga for Athletes, 3D Strength, Athletes Perfomance EXOS, Movement Based Program, Brett Bartholomew, MS.Ed., CSCS, Movement Preparation, Movement Skills and Development, Strength and Power Program Design /, Oslo, Norway
  • Slovak Red Cross, First Aid Course, European Certificate 33 / EFAC /
  • HP Academy, Personal Trainer Course in Vienna, Personal Trainer Module, Functional Training, Medical Fitness Trainer


  • Slovak
  • English
  • Norwegian