Mgr. Michal Bisták

I am a personal trainer and conditioning coach who is continuously EDUCATING himself by attending courses, studying the newest literature and research. Thanks to my continuous education, my knowledge is regularly updated and applied to my trainings and thus shared with my clients. I specialize mainly in the DIAGNOSTICS of the movement apparatus in which I have a several year experience already. Based on this kind of diagnostics I am creating individual exercise plans as means of PREVENTION or getting rid of pain. Additionally, I specialize in bodybuilding and getting into shape, optimization of weight loss/ diet setup and improvement of one’s CONDITION (Either as a graduated condition trainer or via EXOS courses).


  • FTVŠ UK – Strength and conditioning coach
  • Certified DNS trainer
  • Certified SM system training
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Diagnostics of the movement apparatus


  • Functional training CORE as sports prep,
  • Testing and training of functional dynamic stabilization,
  • Healthy with Central-stabilization exercise,
  • Correct posture as therapy for spinal disc herniation
  • Back Pain– fusion of physiotherapy, yoga and strength training
  • Joint Pain – fusion of physiotherapy, yoga and strength training
  • Physiotherapy and physio-training of the pelvic muscles
  • Problematics and study of glute muscles
  • Functional stabilization of the scapula
  • Functional activation of feet and hands
  • Rehabilitation and training past leg injuries
  • Mobility and Stability – legs,  arms and core
  • Modern physio- training of the spine – lower back and  the neck
  • Bosu Core
  • Squating, Pushing, Pulling movement – prehab/rehab
  • Sports nutrition
  • Therapy of triggering points
  • Shoulder joint, hip joint – diagnostics ,prevention and training optimization
  • EXOS – Speed Performance, Strength and Power Performance
  • Physiotherapy after a knee surgery and returning to the training
  • Functional Spinal Upgrade

Sports achievements:

  • Team member of the Slovak basketball team – young adults, juniors
  • Slovak Championship in kickboxing –


  • English,
  • Slovak