Lucia Paldaufová

When sports & fitness became a part of my daily routine, I decided to work as a coach. I have a fitness trainer certification of a 1st level and I extend my knowledge with specialised research and other sport courses. During the training, I like to teach clients and explain how the body works. I want them to understand all the basic information about the functional anatomy of the human body. I focus on strength and functional trainings and correction of muscle inequalities. If there are some imbalanced muscles detected on the patient’s body, we need to fix them first and after that strengthen the weakened muscle parts. The point is to learn the right movement patterns. Definitely, it depends on what result a client wants to achieve. Unless we deal primarily with imbalances, I combine strength training variations for body shaping (muscle mass) and functional training to gain strength and strengthen joints, tendons etc. During my training, I also include mobility and stability exercises. Those exercises are the key to achieve better sports results. I have experience of preparing for the competition and competed in bikini fitness competition as well. Nowadays, I don’t do bikini fitness because for me it was just one-sided specialisation. I want to improve my experiences and get more versatile.


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